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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should we take away disposable plastic bottles?

    Plastic bottles have a huge risk of making a person ill. Especially when you are playing in sun. Chances are there that plastis start releasing toxic substance in water. When you drink water like that, you will start facing various health.

    Is disposable paper cup more health?

    These cups are made of thick paper or cardboard and are also lined with plastic or wax from inside. On heating, wax and plastic gets melted and would seep into the beverages. Plastic infusion in our food may leads to serious problems.

    Why FuWinn water bottle is safe?

    All of FuWinn water bottle are strictly according to EU/USA/CAN standard. And FuWinn has audit report.

    If we choose FuWinn, how can we get more benefit?

    FuWinn will support and quote moderate price. And give fast feedback, strict quality control guide, professional market analysis. Contact FuWinn for a good beginning.

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