drawstring backpack
drawstring bags

drawstring bags

drawstring bags FC9368

This is a large capacity bag with a bundle pocket. The surface material is waterproof and easy to handle. There is a large pocket on the front and a hidden pocket on the back.

size: 45 x  33 cm


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drawstring bags have fine workmanship

1.We can see the drawstring bags, it does not have any thread, the stitching is clear. The line is straight.

2.There is no paint falling off the zipper, and the zipper is smooth to pull up.

3.The back is nylon webbing, is extra thick shoulder strap, let us back up will reduce a certain weight of the shoulder.

drawstring backpack fw9368


drawstring bags capacity

drawstring bags has large capacity, we can hold below all things.

drawstring bags


drawstring bags size

drawstring bags size is 45 x 33 cm.

drawstring backpack fw9368



FAQ Question

1.What is the turnaround time for a sample?

It takes approximately one week to produce a sample. In cases of urgency, we provide support and make every effort to expedite the sampling process, to shorten sample date and meet your requirement.


Our goods will be checked one by one before packed, see the detail our production line as the vedio.