stainless steel tumbler

How to think of the market potential of stainless steel tumbler?

At present, the consumption of the global insulated utensil market is mainly concentrated in developed countries, and its consumption capacity and penetration rate are slightly higher than those in developing countries.

Among them, the European and North American markets each account for about a quarter. Economically developed countries such as the United States, the European Union, Japan and Canada have more mature industries in sports and outdoor fields, with rich activities and diversified lifestyles. Consumers in these countries pay more attention to convenience and practicality and spend more time in sports and outdoor activities. , people hope to be able to carry a stainless steel tumbler with them and enjoy hot or cold drinks at any time to meet their needs.

Therefore, the demand for sports and outdoor-related products such as stainless steel tumbler continues to expand. In addition, as people become more aware of health and environmental protection, stainless steel tumbler have also become a popular choice. They can reduce the use of disposable drink containers, reduce the generation of plastic waste, and are in line with the concept of sustainable development.

metal water bottle

As China is a major exporter of metal water bottle, what are its export data?

According to statistics from the Cup and Pot Branch of the China Daily Necessities Industry Association, the global metal water bottle market will be US$12.491 billion in 2021, and US$8.633 billion from January to August 2022.

The consumption capacity and penetration rate of developed countries are slightly higher than those of developing countries. Among the major global consumer markets for insulated utensils, Europe and North America each account for about 1/4, and Japan’s consumption share is closely followed by the Chinese market, which is about 15%.

In terms of the global supply structure of stainless steel water bottles, China is the largest producer and largest exporter of this category. According to statistics from the General Administration of Customs, my country’s export volume of metal vacuum insulated vessels in 2021 was 107,100 tons, a year-on-year increase of 29.66%; the cumulative export value from January to May 2022 was US$578 million, a year-on-year increase of 52.6%.

metal vacuum insulated vessels

Do the main importing countries have any special requirements for stainless steel water bottles?

In markets such as Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea,stainless steel water bottles users have more comprehensive and personalized needs for appearance, shape, function, usage scenarios, and intelligence, and insulated utensils have more consumer attributes.

tumbler cups

In addition to exporting tumbler cups, what other cups does China export?

Covering various types of products such as tumbler cups, stew pots, thermos flasks, etc., they have the advantages of good thermal insulation performance, safety and portability, energy saving and environmental protection, fashionable appearance, and rich functions. Non-vacuum containers mainly include car cups, plastic cups, glass water bottle, etc.

Taking China’s stainless steel water bottles benchmark as a representative company, in 2023, stainless steel vacuum insulated utensils will be the company’s highest revenue contributor, with revenue of 1.688 billion yuan, accounting for 95.09% of operating revenue, followed by stainless steel water bottles, plastic cups, glass tumbler, and stainless steel vacuum utensils. Insulated utensil accessories, accounting for 4.91% in total.

In terms of regions, the international market business revenue was 1.688 billion yuan, accounting for 95.07% of the operating revenue.

plastic cups

In order to continue to keep up with the international demand for tumbler cups, what should exporting countries do?

Let’s explain it in the following points.

1. Implement the key customer strategy

In the global market, internationally renowned brands such as “Thermos”, “TIGER”, “ZOJIRUSHI”, “STANLEY” owned by PMI, and “Yeti” owned by YETI Coolers, LLC , “Hydro Flask” owned by Helen of Troy Limited. has high market recognition and occupies the main market share of high-end tumbler cups, and the market competition pattern is relatively stable. The above-mentioned brands have high market recognition and high product added value. Market competition is mainly concentrated among these internationally renowned brands, and the pattern is relatively stable.

Under the aforementioned market structure, companies should prioritize existing production capacity and resources to high-quality customers and high-quality orders to ensure the response speed, product quality and service level of major customers. On this basis, the company continues to maintain stable cooperative relationships with major customers by virtue of its outstanding manufacturing technology advantages, quality control advantages, R&D design advantages, brand advantages and other competitive advantages.

At the same time, companies should mainly focus on product research and development and sales, and outsource the manufacturing process to companies with excellent manufacturing processes and strict quality control. In this way, we can establish a solid strategic partnership between the two parties and continue to promote each other and develop together in the future.

tumbler cup 1

2. Steadyly promote the production and construction of overseas companies

With its own quality management advantages, the company has gained good market response after years of continuous operation and market accumulation, and has stable marketing channels and high-quality customers at home and abroad. On this basis, it can consider steadily promoting the construction of overseas companies, such as Vietnam wait.

Globalization helps enterprises meet customer needs, further strengthens the cooperative relationship between the two parties, improves the company’s service capabilities, and expands the competitive advantage of the company’s products in the international market. Actively expanding the layout of overseas production bases is the need to accelerate globalization and achieve rapid development in the international market.

3. Comprehensively promote intelligent and automated construction

The company will also continue to invest in R&D funds to promote smart manufacturing projects, optimize existing manufacturing technologies, improve the automation of production lines, strengthen technological transformation and upgrading of production equipment, continuously improve elements related to technology and equipment in the product production process, and inject details into In the dozens of processes involved in the production of thermos cups, product quality and production efficiency are continuously improved to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers and enhance the company’s own profitability, market competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities.

Years of accumulated tumbler cups production experience combined with the gradual advancement of intelligent production lines in the 5G era have enabled the company to always present stable quality in the delivery of large quantities of products, ensuring that the company’s product production capabilities meet the high standards and requirements of high-quality foreign customer.

In order to adapt to the continuous strong demand in the tumbler cups market, FuWinn has also been continuously strengthening its investment. At the same time, it has also been committed to the concept of sustainability, adding GRS, RCS, rPET, to meet the needs of different customers and help customers to win in the market competition. Achieve win-win situation.