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Top 6 brands recommend insulated water bottles for drinking coffee.

There are many choices for insulated water bottles, but you know which brands are more influential, let’s talk about them.

1. American Contigo M coffee travel mug

Contigo is the No. 1 sports water bottle brand in the United States. It is well known to many overseas shoppers and is the favorite of many A-list celebrities. It uses safety materials certified by authoritative organizations, created a number of patented sealing and switch technologies, and has a creative design style known for its practicality, color, and movement. It is very popular even among Hollywood superstars, who are extremely picky about fashion and daily necessities.

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Which Contigo coffee travel mug is more popular?

That is the Contigo M coffee travel mug. It is made of austenitic 304 stainless steel, has a six-layer temperature locking process, high-strength heat preservation for up to six hours, and can maintain a water temperature suitable for human drinking for a long time. The travel water bottle has a compact shape and can be easily put into your bag and taken with you. Press the AUTOSEAL button to dispense water. One-hand operation makes drinking water convenient. It also has a 180-degree screw-cap design with automatic locking, which is leak-proof and hygienic. The travel water bottle is elegant in shape, extremely beautiful, and has a beautiful pearlescent lacquer body, which is fashionable and rich in texture. There are five colors to choose from to perfectly match your individual needs, making your elegance stand out from the crowd.

2. Starbucks

Have you ever drank Starbucks coffee? Have you ever bought a Starbucks insulated water bottles? Starbucks is not just  the world-renowned coffee brand, its insulated water bottlesare selling like hot cakes.

Starbucks cups are deeply loved by Starbucks fans because of their novel shapes, unique creativity, and simplicity. Each Starbucks cup has a unique design, has a certain commemorative significance, and is usually a limited edition. Starbucks fans will rush to buy it.



As the largest coffee brand in the UK, although Costa’s main business is selling coffee, it still puts some thought into making cups. Every year for every festival, Costa releases new cups, which always have a different feel. The Costa metal water bottle is made of thick stainless steel. It set off a hot-selling craze at Christmas in 2013. The “Deer” army whirlwind represented by the “Queen” model even swept across the country, creating a hot-selling scene where a cup is hard to find.


4. Tiger brand

The Tiger metal water bottle is a household product produced by the Japanese Tiger Company. It is available in various specifications and styles. After a long period of development and improvement, the manufacturing technology of the metal water bottle has become quite mature. The design is simple but elegant, and ordinary but stable. Because of its high quality and beautiful appearance, it is very popular among consumers. Two weeks ago, a photo of Black Panther drummer Zhao Mingyi holding a stainless steel water bottles suddenly went viral on the Internet. Eagle-eyed netizens discovered that he was holding a Tiger brand stainless steel water bottles.



When it comes to ZO JIRUSHI, most people will feel that the price is a bit high.ZO JIRUSHI’s insulated stainless steel water bottle and stew pots are relatively famous product series.

Everyone is very concerned about the material of the product. The difference between ZO JIRUSHI Cup and other brands is that its inner coating is made of healthy and environmentally friendly “twig juice”, which is good for human health. The ZO JIRUSHI with an inner coating not only has unique advantages over other brands of insulated stainless steel water bottle in terms of environmental protection and health, but its heat preservation time is also up to 6 hours, which is much stronger than other brands.

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6. Thermos

Thermos is the best-selling insulated stainless steel water bottlebrand in Japan. Its insulated stainless steel water bottle is made of stainless steel, which is healthy, safe and durable. Clear and transparent, with good impact strength and strong stability.


Which stainless steel water bottle is currently more popular?

The rotatable scale ring can record water consumption anytime and anywhere to meet daily drinking needs. The curved drinking spout fits the shape of your mouth better. The bottom of the stainless steel water bottle is non-slip and wear-resistant, and the stainless steel water bottle body is specially designed to be easy to hold without slipping. There are a variety of fashionable and cool colors to choose from. Thermal insulation performance also received unanimous praise.

The above are some of the most popular brands of coffee travel mugs at the moment, all with their own characteristics and advantages. As for which brand of coffee travel mugs to choose, you need to analyze it rationally and judge based on your own needs and preferences to choose the one that suits you best.